NEWS June 13, 2008:
It has been many months since the last updated build of Scratcher, and I imagine many people think development has stopped. This is not the case!

Around December 2007 I purchased the Ms. Pinky digital vinyl system for the sake of incorporating into Scratcher added realism and interactivity. Combining recording of hand motions in addition to the ability to edit scratches has required a complete redesign of the entire program. Almost all of the original code had to be scrapped. Though it has taken a long time to get to this point, redesigning has opened up many new opportunities. 

The new program is designed with scalability in mind. That means YES to zooming, panning, arbitrary beat lengths, etc. Being able to work with actual hand motions has created a need for much more editing capability. There is now a tool box for various forms of editing. It has been created with expansion in mind, and I hope to eventually open the program up such that anyone versed in Max/MSP and Jitter can create their own tools. The list of changes/additions is so staggering that it will go by a different name. 

So the big question now is "where is it?"

It still has a lot of work before it is truly presentable, but I am working on a site with “prototype” versions and demos of what it can do. Even without full features it is pretty fun to play with. Click here for that site.


Scratcher was an idea I tossed around for about a year before I started development. I wanted to make turntable scratches that were inhumanly complex in their fader work and record movement. I also wanted a number of other features like the ability to scratch musical phrases from single note samples, and the ability to easily insert one scratch into another.




OSX (Universal Binary) Pluggo Runtime (Download this first!)
  VST Plugin v0.88 (built August 30, 2007)
Windows XP Pluggo Runtime (Download this first!)
  VST Plugin v0.88 (built August 26, 2007)
ALL Library of Basic Scratches
  Version History
  Bug List
  Manual (out-dated)