Changes with Version 0.88:
*Support for multiple instances of the Scratcher VSTi
*Toggle below file browser for loading only fades, only movements, or both from a selected scratch
*Grid settings: 3 independent, customizable spacings (lock fades to grid by holding SHIFT)
*Stability revisions to GUI
*Release Time added to "Midi" tab
*Record movement animation temporarily removed for updating
*Scratch Library updated to reflect changes in audio engine

Changes with Version 0.85:
*Numerous bug fixes
*Updated, more accurate record movement GUI
*Lower CPU use for most features
*Saving into host of currently loaded wave file, midi settings file, and scratch folder
*Hundreds of lines of code redone to make room for future features
*Now usable in Ableton Live, eXT, and other hosts that block key strokes
*GUI options tab, to eventually allow more control over graphics