Particle Box

Current Status:
In Development!

    Particle Box represents a simple granular synthesizer packaged into a particle physics engine. A sound file is loaded and then diced into a large number of pieces. Each piece is then represented by a bouncing dot in the physics engine. Every time a dot strikes a wall it triggers the corresponding audio fragment. Each wall has its own diced sound file that is loaded simply by dragging a wave file into its drop region (the open rectangle next to it). The dots are effected by both friction and gravity.
        The cursor is used for selecting, throwing, and drawing balls. It can also be used to make a ball launcher that will shoot balls at an adjustable rate. Dispersion controls set the strength of random forces while drawing, and the gravity controls add vertical and horizontal forces to all the particles. Particles cannot leave the box, so colliding with any surface will just bounce the balls back.  


Implemented Features
Initial Audio Engine Completed
     -Supports .wav and .au sound files
Initial Physics Engine Finished
     -Gravity, Friction, and Wall Forces Implemented
     -Mouse Interactions (Drawing, Throwing, etc)            
Features to be Added
GUI Features
     -Illustration of Sample Dicing
     -Adjustable Windowing of Sample Fragments    
     -Velocity to Pitch/Volume Mapping
Stereo Movement