Current Status:
In Development!

    This is a processor that is neither a flanger nor a phasor, but actually has characteristics of both occuring at once. Unlike a flanger, it does not use a simple mix of original signal plus a delayed signal. Instead it is based on customizable "combing" of the frequency spectrum. The combing can be linear like a regular flanger, but also allows a logarithmic scale to actually follow the way our ears hear the frequency spectrum. Both modes have "comb sweeping" that can continously spectrally drag the processing and create barber pole flanging or phasing effects. The picture at left shows an approximation of the applied frequency spectrum from logarithmic mode.
Implemented Features
Audio Engine Completed
     -Linear and Logarithmic Scale Modes
     -Adjustable Comb Width
     -Variable Comb Position for Sweeping Effects

Features to be Added
GUI Features
     -Image to Give Estimate of Spectral Processing
     -Simple Controls for the Audio Engine
     -Linear/Logarithmic Switch