Current Status:
VST Beta Version 0.2!

    ActiveQ is a real-time evolving equalizer. It loads as a simple flat line spanning the window. Click anywhere in the window to create a ripple that spreads along the line, reflecting from the sides. Use the control and shift keys to move the anchor points on either side and send tidal waves through the line. Despite all the complex physics, what you see in the window is the actual spectral processing applied to any input signals. The audio engine updates just as quickly as the animation, so what you see is what is being done to the audio signal in real time.


Implemented Features
Basic Physics Engine
Point-and-Click Control of Ripples 
Point-and-Click Control of Anchor Points
Linear Spectral Processing Exactly as Pictured      

Features to be Added
User-Definable Ripples
Volume Drop Fix
Multi-Point Ripples
Controls for Initial Ripple Bandwidth and Other Factors  
Logarithmic Spectral Processing for Modelling Filter Behavior