POKEY.synth – 1 of 2 PCBs Sent for Prototyping

The Source of Control

Apparently Cadsoft Eagle as-is does not export Gerbers that can be used by places like 4pcb.com. I went through two different guides on exporting to the 274x format, only to find out that the bottom layer was mirrored improperly both times using the 274x CAM file that comes with Eagle. For anyone looking to make Gerbers with Eagle, check out this guide at batchpcb.com. Their 274x CAM file gives the correct data. Be warned that the files listed in Step 4 are not the actual extensions generated. When I ran that CAM file I ended up with Gerber files using the Protel naming conventions listed here at freedfm.com.

One Response to “POKEY.synth – 1 of 2 PCBs Sent for Prototyping”

  1. Tony says:

    Looks like a good layout!

    On eagle, all you have to do is UN-CHECK the mirror option and you will have gerbers that are able to be manufactured by just about anywhere. Not sure why the software defaults to this setting, it sure does steepen the learning curve!