Turntable Surgeon Build 8

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GUI Updates:
A Working Zoom Tool
The zoom tool can get all the way down to individual data points, allowing much better resolution than anything before.

The Freehand Drawing tool makes more sense now. No more automatic uncontrollable smoothing.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed zero width selection problem
Fixed zero height selection problem
Fixed Freehand Drawing tool altering first data point
Fixed metronome not stopping at the end of recording
Fixed Time Warp tool graphics initialization glitch

6 Responses to “Turntable Surgeon Build 8”

  1. Mudo says:

    Great work Aaron!

    I’m doing movements to give some support to you. I hope it could be useful.

    God Bless you.


  2. Mudo says:

    It seems that my eforts are giving results…


  3. Ram贸n says:

    Hellou Aaron

    I’m some guy from overseas and to be more specific from switzerland.
    Currently I’m studying at the Institut HyperWerk at University of
    Applied Science in Basel. I’m working on a project within Turntablism
    and would be interessted to get in touch with your project.

    What I would like to know is your general opinion about exchanging and
    share views. Well I can’t say much but I hope we can get in touch and
    will see what is possible.

    I’m curious in hearing from you 馃檪
    Best regards


  4. Mudo says:

    Great Ram贸n!


    share info you too…

  5. Ram贸n says:

    En fin! Hola Mudo! 馃榾

    Mandame un email – ramon.mathis@gmail.com – He intendado de escribirte un mensaje. Tenemos que hablar. Me alegria mucho.

    Hasta pronto Mudo!
    Cheers Ram贸n

  6. Mudo says: