Pokey Status Pics

All the hard-to-get parts are in, so I’m sending out for production-ready prototype PCBs. If those don’t have any issues then I’ll have a run of 25 modules done a couple weeks later.

The Panel

The Panel

The Parts

The Parts

The Bench

The Bench

The toaster oven in the corner is for baking prototypes. I haven’t needed it yet, but some parts just can’t be soldered by hand.

8 Responses to “Pokey Status Pics”

  1. kevin says:


    Have all 25 been spoken for? If not what is the price for one of these fine looking modules?



  2. rico says:

    i am interested in buying one, is any available of the first 25

  3. Bret Truchan says:

    Put me on the “want” list! I’d be interested in purchasing one when they are available.

  4. I am also interested in getting a PCB if there are any available. Thanks!


  5. peter says:

    No kit ability, but id love to buy a completed module.

  6. admin says:

    Finished modules are $400. There aren’t any current plans for kits because of all the SMT parts (over 120 components on the main pcb!). Not all the modules in the first run are spoken for, so there is still space. If you’re seriously interested, send me an e-mail via the “e-mail the developer” link on the right side of the blog. You can also contact me through the e-mail link on analogbytes.org

  7. Theta_Frost says:

    Well, if you decide to sell kits any time I’d still be up up for one, even if it is all SMT. $400 is just wayyy out of my price range. :/

  8. Benji says:

    Great news!! The panel looks sweet. I don’t know what number I am in line but I am ready to roll when it’s time.