It turns out that 9 mils (that’s 9 thousands of an inch) between solder pads and ground plane copper is too small for me to *not* accidentally bridge while soldering components. The 2A03 dev boards came in, and I made it this far before realizing I was fighting a losing battle:

The Power and Reset Buttons... of Shame

The Power and Reset Buttons... of Shame

Half the pins soldered are unintentionally shorted to the ground plane, which does not get much done electrically. I cannot even see the bridges with my bare eyes. My “2A03 dev board” budget for the month is shot, so I’ll have to breadboard it.

In the meantime, does anyone know what a resonable pour spacing is for soldering by hand with magnification? I’m going to try at least 12 mils next time, but that kills the ability of the ground plane to squeeze between DIP pins.

One Response to “…Oops”

  1. Vaati says:

    Wow — I just stumbled across your site; awesome stuff!! I hope you aren’t taking this site down any time soon…

    I’m very interested in this board – do you have any spares? I’d like to try my hand at soldering one of these together. 🙂 I would love to see some more pictures of these as well…