Screenshots from a Scratch Editor

I have been very quiet about the scratch editor I am developing, mostly because there are still hundreds of tiny details to finish before mass consumption. Here is a quick screen capture of the ever-expanding GUI:

Normal Program View

Normal Program View

The layout is very similar to Scratcher, but there are many key differences in this screenshot alone. The most important is that the squiggle and gray combination shown was not drawn, it was recorded in real-time. The squiggle shows the movement of a Ms. Pinky record (substitute your timecode vinyl of choice), and the gray boxes show where the crossfader was “off.” I hope to put up some videos soon.

For those interested in Max/MSP, here is a screenshot of what the main patcher looks like:

A Filtered Blend of Organization and Chaos

A Filtered Blend of Organization and Chaos

Most of that is for the user interface, which uses many stacked semi-transparent objects for functionality. It is more organized than it looks at a glance. Contrary to anything I have ever made in Max/MSP, the bulk of the DSP for this goes on inside Jitter.

2 Responses to “Screenshots from a Scratch Editor”

  1. runagate says:

    Ah, I just commented that I couldn’t comment on KVR and all of a sudden I get it to work.

    “ever-expanding GUI” is a nice title for a story 🙂

    Looks like I’ll have to convince my p5 glove to output timecode from Usine soon. Amazing.

  2. Casandra Peck says: