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Where the Projects Are

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Things have grown a little convoluted because of all the projects I’ve mentioned up until now. I’d like to narrow it down to just a few until I can make enough money from selling finished devices to fund further designs. Prototyping is not cheap, so I need to be more realistic.

Pokey synth(s)

The Pokey module for use in Frac and Euro modular synthesizers will be the first thing I release. Right now I have the first prototype up and running, but there are still some circuit changes to make. The good news is that these are all minor. The overall design is working how I envisioned it, including the speed-sensitive tuning controls.

Along with that, I am checking out local manufacturing houses for stuffing the circuit boards. I am trying to have this done locally. There is also the metal work, which got a little more complicated with the addition of the Euro form factor.

I’ve mentioned a Pokey MIDI synthesizer a few times. That, however, is being put on hold. It still needs a considerable amount of DSP written, and I still do not have MIDI working 100%.  It works about 99.99% of data transfers, but there is still an occasional glitch every thousand commands or so that needs to be fixed.

2A03 synth(s)

The 2A03 MIDI synth is on hold until I get a lot more time or some outside help. The 2A03 module (also in Euro and Frac) is the second module I plan to release. On the upside, it should take about 1/4th the development time of the Pokey module. On the downside, it’s been more than a year and a half since the Pokey design was started.


This is a module I’m making as a break from soundchip modules. Without giving too much away, it is based around concepts of high-fidelity 1-bit audio.

Since every post needs a picture, here’s one from the digital sketchbook:

Still needs a lot of work

Still needs a lot of work

Noise Envelopes

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Audio Clip One

That clip is from some of today’s drum envelope testing. Each percussive hit has an ASR envelope with variable attack and release. I vary the attack and release throughout the clip and change the waveform.

The mystery project is a MIDI Pokey synth. There are many ways it can be done, but I’m going for as much real-time playability as possible. I want something anyone can plug a MIDI keyboard into and instantly be awash in a sea of Atari. The hard part is keeping it cheap at the same time. I have my own methods, but I’ll save the full feature set for later.